Teaching License for (1) DatzKatz Designs beading pattern

Teaching License for (1) DatzKatz Designs beading pattern
Teaching License for (1) DatzKatz Designs beading pattern

A Teaching License for a single beading pattern created by DatzKatz Designs.

These rules apply to all teachers, beading stores, societies and retreats.

The Teaching License is not transferable. This license gives you permission to teach a single beading pattern purchased from DatzKatz Designs. The price of the license doesn't include the pattern. It must be purchased separately.  Your purchase of the pattern can not be reproduced for each of your students.  They are required to purchase their own pattern for the class.

Under NO circumstances can the file containing this pattern be distributed online (via email or any “cloud” memory storage, for example), or via any computer memory storage devices. Your students are limited to the permissions stated in the pattern this Teaching License is for.  Purchase of this Teaching License does not nullify my copyrights on my pattern. You are NOT ALLOWED TO TEACH MY DESIGNS ONLINE (YOUTUBE OR SIMILAR)

After you purchase the license please send me the information with your name, as you would like it to appear in your license, and the name of the pattern you intend to teach. (msd.katz@hotmail.com)  The Teaching License is a PDF file that will be emailed to you within 48 hours of your payment, however you are granted the permission for teaching the pattern as soon as you buy it.


Please, see that Debra of DatzKatz Designs is credited as the designer on any newsletters, fliers or social media that advertise the class.  

This license is valid for 1 year from the date of purchase. 

For any further info, please contact me.
Thank you, Debra